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Nintendo: "Lowering the Price, Without Compelling Software Will Produce Nothing" (Archived)
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New Nintendo Direct coming this Wednesday (not April fool) (Archived)XXShadowLinkXX44/1/2013
Do you think the upcoming next-gen console Ouya will hurt Virtual Console sales? (Archived)AdamLazaruso94/1/2013
How have your gaming tastes changed over the years? (Archived)
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Gamers want a new Assassins Creed game every year says Ubisoft (Archived)
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Today's poll of the day scared the bejeezus out of me. (Archived)
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This would be the perfect time to bring back the Conduit Series for Wii U. (Archived)themoth211254/1/2013
I actually like the NSMB series (Archived)
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What is the poll talking about!???? (Archived)
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new 3DS NIntendo Direct (Japan) (Archived)rindain63/31/2013
Rate the Nintendo Song: Day 39 - Beethoven's 5th(Mother 3) (Poll)GloryChaos43/31/2013
Last retail game you bought? (Archived)
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Check this out... proof EA is a LIAR!!!!!! (Archived)NeoN1976103/31/2013
Just played the Wii U today and I'm pretty impressed. Dont believe the bad press (Archived)HELZERO73/31/2013
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I may install my WiiU in the car for my son What do U guys think? (Archived)
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The real reason Nintendo is being ragged on is not graphics capability its (Archived)NeoN197693/31/2013