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Serious question about LP videos having Nintendo ads. (Archived)
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Can someone summarize nintendo direct with key points? (Archived)Behaviorism45/17/2013
So 3 exclusive sonic games? (Archived)KaiRyusaki15/17/2013
Well, that was a cute mother and child moment. :-) (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom65/17/2013
Kirby Games Coming To VC Soon (Archived)Weltall54895/17/2013
Imagine if the third exclusive Sonic game... (Archived)HungoverHero777105/17/2013
Nintendo doesn't care about multiplat. (Archived)DerekRoss105/17/2013
Play yet to be released E3 games at Best Buy DURING E3! (Archived)Vinnytt65/17/2013
Mario and Sonic game needs online. (Archived)The_Shadow_Link15/17/2013
If Sega want to support the Wii U then they should release Football Manager. (Archived)AdamLazaruso85/17/2013
why is NSLU considered DLC? (Archived)
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New Super Luigi U for $20! Yes! (Archived)
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Yakuza Bundle Announced For Japan, Coming To Wii U (Archived)KAMMYqueen45/17/2013
That was a disappointing Nintendo Direct. (Archived)
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You do realise this was an 'appetiser' Direct right? (Archived)
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It's the next three Sonic games that are exclusive to Nintendo (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust145/17/2013
Wonderful 101 September 15th (Archived)
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I think I'm more surprised that there isn't more Pikmin 3 hate... (Archived)Virus6685/17/2013
Nintendo Wii U: Death By Apathy (Archived)Tic Tac55/17/2013
No reason physical New Luigi can't be released same time as the download. (Archived)
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