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Nintendo should release a GCN port dongle for Wii games (Archived)
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Why do you want the WiiU to have the same games as the PS3 and 360? (Archived)
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Darksiders 2 looking inferior to all the other versions (Archived)
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You think the Wii U launch games are bad? (Archived)
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Warawara Plaza not working..... can anyone help? (Archived)stevebiks1012/10/2012
Am I the only one wondering about those 30 upcoming games for the Wii U? (Archived)
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When you download a game does it go to all users? (Archived)ZBug_812/10/2012
3 great games for the WiiU? (Archived)
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The Wii U is kind of weak (Archived)Sylar100812/10/2012
wtf? Why is my Wii U being so slow?? (Archived)Coleby412/10/2012
So let me get thi straight... (Archived)
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I thought the port begging would be over. (Archived)
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Is it possible to make the system go offline? (Archived)Boo Destroyer412/9/2012
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What do you think will be the first must have system seller? (Archived)
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Haven't really been up to date with this console... (Archived)Albtraum13512/9/2012