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Next Level Games employee Brian Davis says to stay tuned for the Direct
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I cant help it- now boarding the HYPE TRAIN...chooo chooo!Jonbazookaboz12/13/2014
I haven't played my Wii U since November... should I put it in storage?AwesomeOSauce92/13/2014
New direct, new metroid? (link inside)Tropical9192/13/2014
Your Reaction: Tomorrow, in the Direct Nintendo announces...
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I seriously hope that in the nintendo direct we getmagicbeanman12/13/2014
whatre you going to do after you have thoroughly enjoyed smashbros?Retroxgamer062/13/2014
I have class during the Direct =[EmeralDragon2352/13/2014
I dont need to watch the Direct.NintendoGamer8372/13/2014
Nintendo Indie Direct tomorrow?vattodev62/13/2014
platinum games retweeted the direct
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My rejected Zelda drawing... (sob) "Zelda must change"...
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Ubisoft: Becoming king of delaying WiiU games.
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Watch on computer or Wii U?VanderZoo12/13/2014
so in your opinion is a wii u/vita better than xbone or ps4?
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Bought a Nintendo Wii U today and I'm really having fun with it.xxgamer91xx62/13/2014
Is there a reason as to why the Wii U is so underfeatured?CubeTV32/13/2014
Calling it now: A new Metroid will be revealed for either Wii U or 3DSrindain12/13/2014
I need a couple suggestions...SirPierce22/13/2014
People are going to complain no matter what, BUT
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