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Put your gamertag or PSN ID in your profile, and you're banned. (Archived)
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Are these games playable with just the tablet? (Archived)BigReed111/22/2012
Huge library of VC games (Connection Ambassador) - how to transfer to Wii U? (Archived)dragonforces911/22/2012
Help with transfer? (Archived)GillianSeed23111/22/2012
My Wii is broken...will I need to fix it to transfer data to Wii U? (Archived)CTipple411/22/2012
I have a gamepad and three wii (not motion plus) controllers.... (Archived)VirtualAnomoly511/22/2012
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Found a way to fix Internet issues... (Archived)JoeAdvanced411/22/2012
Has ANYONE used a 3DS prepaid card on the Wii U and it works? (Archived)Jacobh7190611/22/2012
so how much will iwata cut his paycheck this time? (Poll)
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anyone else using hulu having any menu/playback issues? (Archived)generallee02211/22/2012
Why does Nintendo make these devices so large and with such tiny screens? (Archived)
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When does the Toysrus buy one get one 40% off end? (Archived)
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Know nothing about tech...but could the CPU be updated? (Archived)Soccer_is_Best811/22/2012
looks like the warawara plaza is working like intended! (Archived)henzler3811/22/2012
If hardware is all that matters, why is the Vita losing to the 3DS? (Archived)
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GpGpu (Archived)Oldschool_DBZ111/22/2012
i can unplug the wii u and connect it to another tv without consequence, right? (Archived)majora123811/22/2012
Is The Pro Controller Good For Anything? (Archived)GaryAtEastern511/22/2012