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E-shop down for maintenence. (Archived)Zakuroo711/27/2012
So, i heard wii U is gonna be the last nintendo console. (Archived)
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let's be honest. the OS needs work. (Archived)gumbyxcore99811/27/2012
We know that the Wii Mini comes with a Red WiiMote and Nunchuck... (Archived)Flamingcow99611/27/2012
Terribly written troll topic here about how the Wii U is a weak next gen system. (Archived)
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Both currently in stock at Target online (3:15 EST) (Archived)
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One of my games has been shipped, but not my console :( (Archived)Dark_Link92811/27/2012
Gold Nunchucks begin shipping (Archived)dart246211/27/2012
I want a pokemon snap game! (Archived)
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What is the easiest cheapest way to expand my system storage? (Archived)abbeldydoo811/27/2012
Gamestop does it again.they are cancelling their Wii U waiting list... (Archived)
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Omg my sensor bar came unstuck and fell off the tv. SUCH A SHODDY PRODUCT! (Archived)jesse7150311/27/2012
Can the trolling and fanboyism quit? (Archived)Charski1011/27/2012
What wii u game should i get? (Archived)kylecliffe611/27/2012
Netflix on Wii U fix if netflix wont connect (in short, change MTU value to 1492 (Archived)TheSharkSurfer611/27/2012
Whoa....ZombieU is such an awesome game (Archived)
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Just picked up the Wii U Pro at Best Buy today (Archived)adroge01111/27/2012
If X-720 is super powerful will wii u games be $60 while 720 is $70-80+? (Archived)
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Game Ideas that show off the Wii U Gamepad as a Second Screen (Archived)Nintendological811/27/2012
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