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I just got my deluxe Wii U from Meijers for 315.34 plus a 75 coupon... (Archived)Frison1194/26/2013
So, Nintendo is doing TWO morning events and Nintendo Direct(S) and we're mad? (Archived)Cyclical24/26/2013
Hard resetting was added in the Update apparentally. (Archived)
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Virtual Console Europe (Archived)Nizo_9034/26/2013
Old Nintendo franchise that you want a sequal for on the WII U (Archived)WeAreInfiniteN734/26/2013
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Nintendo's E3 does mean something good, not the opposite. (Archived)
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System doesn't recognize HDD after update (Archived)AHRaven54/26/2013
Any chance Retro studios is working on a new Metroid that will be revealed soon? (Archived)TurkeyPots84/26/2013
I might buy a Wii-U when the new Xenoblade game comes out. (Archived)
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The menu's still take forever to load... (Archived)
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...the VC launch lineup is terrribleee. (Archived)
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Thought this update was supposed to allow two Usb devices. (Archived)STN7994/26/2013
VC Discount (Archived)LordRaz94/26/2013
Is Panorama View up now? (Archived)Androm274/26/2013
So are you going to forgive Ubisoft for Rayman Legends? (Archived)
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Nintendo's E3 this year will probably be their best E3 since 2010 (Archived)Platinum_Luigi14/26/2013
Nintendo E3 (Archived)
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so, it seems Mario Kart U will be the first real system seller (Archived)
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What's the difference between the Rayman Challenges App and the demo? (Archived)darkqueenhelba64/26/2013