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I have to say the Wii U really surprised me... (Archived)shootsmack611/23/2012
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didn't buy the wiiu for its graphics, but for 1st party games (Archived)DSKEmmanuel211/23/2012
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Wii U Home LED Button Testing? (Archived)
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Are there any games right now that don't share saves between all system users? (Archived)
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Pathetic (Archived)kwanying511/23/2012
Sadly I never played Skyward Sword. Bought a WiiU and been playing only that. (Archived)jesse7150811/23/2012
Had my first Wii U freeze up. What do I do? (Archived)STN79411/23/2012
I want Marvel VS Capcom 3 on this thing :( (Archived)Heavysack411/23/2012
Wii U is next gen whether you like it or not. (Archived)
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Those that hate on games based on ratings (Archived)squatch22111/23/2012
your ipod headset can work as headphones on the wiiU (Archived)apocalyptic_4211/23/2012
Anyone else take advantage of....... (Archived)HiberN81111/23/2012
Has anyone made a rate my purchase topic yet? (Archived)autoalchemist62611/23/2012
We just want another SNES... (Archived)
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