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Can you change your Nintendo Network ID name? (Archived)HungoverHero777411/16/2012
Love the panic on gamefaqs the few days before a system launch.. (Archived)ExplorerSP711/16/2012
Boo-yah, shipped! (Archived)lt519411/16/2012
For those with pre-orders at GameStop: did you get your call yet? (Poll)
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People are so threatened by the Wii U (Archived)
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I cannot believe I just found a spot for pre orders in Canada! (Archived)apocalyptic_4611/16/2012
So is it scratch resistant? (Archived)docman864911/16/2012
I wonder if those "Smash my..." guys are still in business... (Archived)Solid Sonic1011/16/2012
the fans are pretty loud. (Archived)
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Just received my confirmation email (Archived)NugSoupLiar811/16/2012
No TVii at launch? (Archived)
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Best Buy Wii U's are shipping (Archived)Aaron44126311/16/2012
this launches tommorow (for me) (Archived)TheFallenPriest911/16/2012
to u.k gamefaqers (Archived)shaunme111/16/2012
Does it have voice controls (like Siri or Kinect?) (Archived)shadestreet1011/16/2012
WWYD: The Wii U recieves a system update on Day bricking your system. (Archived)Poweranimals1011/16/2012
Launch eShop games have been revealed. (Archived)
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curious: Those who preordered from Gamestop.. (Archived)tigg06611/16/2012 the call...Nintendo never shipped enough wii u's to my GameStop. (Archived)
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