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Why do people think "more games" will save Wii U? (Archived)
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Kung Fu Rabbit or Mega Man? (Archived)SlyCooperFan1225/2/2013
So wii u will be like gamecube except with less games? (Archived)Murderstorm11715/2/2013
I hope nintendo actually puts effort into their first party games (Archived)Murderstorm11715/2/2013
Which of these (hopefully) upcoming VC releases should I play RIGHT now? (Archived)Lord_KronosIII85/2/2013
So are we getting Dragon Quest X or not? Is it going to be left up to Nintendo.. (Archived)
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Does Nintendo try to convince their third parties to stay? (Archived)dcamp2745/2/2013
is this where all the wii u fans come? (Archived)mrsteveo2985/2/2013
Which secret game do you want from Retro... (Poll)
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I Think Nintendo should port some 3DS games to the Wii U. (Archived)spealfan44425/2/2013
UK supermarket Asda desperate to sell Wii U's. CUTS PRICE AGAIN IN TWO MONTHS! (Archived)
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Insomniac Games should develop a Wii U title. (Archived)
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Poor sales are better than Zero sales. (Archived)
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i dunno whats so hard to understand .... (Archived)StarBladeEdge45/2/2013
Comparing and contrasting the Wii and WiiU (Archived)GuywithWiizdom75/2/2013
K, the time to REALLY be worried is when... (Archived)
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Let's talk facts - from a Nintendo apologist (Archived)
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POLL: how do you feel about no MADDEN (Poll)
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Best Games Created Last Gen? (7th) (Archived)TalesRevenant55/2/2013
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