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Hey there Wii U, you're lookin' sexy today. (Archived)GradyHoover55/21/2013
We can play used games! (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w35/21/2013
Adam Sessler confirmed my suspicions... (Archived)
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Which system's controller do you think will be best at end of day? (Poll)TheApd_Returns65/21/2013
Ouya's looking pretty good right about now. (Archived)kuragari1anonly75/21/2013
no used games or rentals? (Archived)mlahodik25/21/2013
EA and Microsoft, team up against ...... Wii U (Archived)
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So it looks like this Gen is back to Nintendo vs. Sony (Archived)Emerald_Wyvern55/21/2013
Will Wii U be more attractive now that the PS4 and XBox One are confirmed to.... (Archived)sejan1275/21/2013
buying xbox1 as a gift (Archived)mlahodik15/21/2013
FaceStation vs CableBoxOne vs Nintendo Game Console (Archived)gameG3ni335/21/2013
Nintendo and Sony should worry about Xbox One (Archived)kinglink1325/21/2013
So how is the XBOX1's media integration different from Nintendo TVii? (Archived)iKhanic25/21/2013
I was actually thinking about selling the Wii U (Archived)Marcster199465/21/2013
Nitnedo can run the table with just first party software, sorry if that upsets U (Archived)
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So now will this board get some rest? (Archived)
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Nintendo Begins Development of Wii U Successor (Archived)
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If Nintendo is in such big trouble, why aren't they panicking? (Archived)
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It should be obvious that Nintendo kicked EA to the curb over DRM. (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w15/21/2013
Whats your top three most and least favorite video game publishers? (Archived)
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