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Question about VC (Archived)
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Do we have any data for March sales figures that don't come from Pachter? (Archived)iKhanic104/23/2013
Have NoA listed the VC launch lineup on Facebook yet? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee14/23/2013
PS3/4xWiiUx3DSxPC is official 10/10 master race (Archived)
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Sonic racing, need for speed, or prehistoric party? (Archived)ninsony1274/23/2013
Did they release the update? (Archived)2wingedangel24/23/2013
Just outta curiosity (Archived)StarmanJunior64/23/2013
Seriously, how the heck is the next Super Mario game going to top Galaxy? (Archived)
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So the new ads basically say no one has a clue what Wii U is. (Archived)
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I wish you could make good portmanteaus with Sony/Microsoft and "Doomed" (Archived)iKhanic44/23/2013
Anymore news on the update? (Archived)sockrox34/23/2013
So when transferring VC games from Wii to Wii U they are there for good? (Archived)STN7964/23/2013
Virtual Console PSA (Archived)fhsfootball7484/23/2013
do you guys recommend need for speed U? (Archived)msunshine94/23/2013
Which of these third party games do you want Nintendo to focus on helping with? (Poll)-NotoriousLynx64/23/2013
Earthbound on WiiU has evolved to people supporting piracy. (Archived)
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The Wii U Pro controller is... (Archived)
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When the VC goes up, what are you going to play? (Archived)
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The Update Out Yet? (Archived)joshua593210104/23/2013
did videogames help you to learn to read as a child? (Archived)
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