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I saw Monster Hunter for the Wii for $20 in Gamestop, should I get it or wait- (Archived)
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if i get 30 yeah's, i'll get this game! (Archived)
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Have you ever bought a game solely for it's graphics? (Poll)
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Hey president of Nintendo, how's the Wii U selling? Good? Great? Awesome? (Archived)HELZERO21/7/2013
I still can't believe Skies of Arcadia's never had a sequel or at least a port (Archived)
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Phange 2141/7/2013
Help with my controller set up anyone! (Archived)Motta18731/7/2013
I recommend not buying any software off the eshop, VC (Archived)
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Wii U stopped connecting (Archived)TheNeoVoid51/7/2013
No WiiU exclusives in UK top 40 chart for 3 weeks (Archived)
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I wear glasses and have a hard time using the WiiU.Anyone else? (Archived)livingonwheels61/7/2013
New Game (Archived)JebusMcNasty31/7/2013
I love the WiiU, Tekken, Sonic Racing and Mario are amazing! (Archived)Mech_Battalion51/7/2013
i don't understand it - how did this happen? (Archived)DeathSoul200061/7/2013
Did the Wii win last gen in terms of best exclusives? (Poll)
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Pokemon Direct Tomorrow 6AM EST (Archived)Wesfanboynever21/7/2013
the wii u and motion controls YES OR NO (Archived)shaunme11/7/2013
So...when do we get the next wave of games? (Archived)BassHunterXXX61/7/2013
should Nintendo Merge wII U and 3ds eshops together (Archived)
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Average Age of Wii U Owners (Poll)
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sorry guys but the Wii U has failed in terms of marketing (Archived)
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