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Get a brand new Wii U in the UK from Asda for 199 pounds! (Archived)
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Any news on when GBA games will be on the Wii U VC? (Archived)Planetvideogame23/5/2013
The best Game Makers are not gamers.... (Poll)
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So what would make the Wiiu better for you? (Archived)jackorhoads33/5/2013
Rate the Nintendo Song: Day 25 - Overworld(Yoshi's Island) (Poll)GloryChaos93/5/2013
Why do people keep saying 3rd party support is gone? (Archived)
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Wii u won't sell til we get a $300 price drop (Archived)Megagunstarman43/5/2013
My regular TV remote stopped working. Thank you Wii U Gamepad for saving the day (Archived)Petey_Meanis33/5/2013
Wii u won't sell til we get a $5 price drop (Archived)RatheV23/5/2013
I made a new file in Other M last month after I got it for only TEN dollars... (Archived)IngSlayer43/5/2013
Was omitting GameCube compatibility a matter of cost? (Archived)
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Wii u won't sell til we get a $200 price drop (Archived)
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League of Legends (Archived)Ghost-inZeShell63/5/2013
Wa WUT? Nintendo is STILL releasing Wii VC games??? but Wii U nothing??? (Archived)
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Wii U gets SPIN THE BOTTLE. The Wii U is saved! (Archived)devastatorX243/5/2013
the wii u returns to tv with new ad (Archived)rawxfoxdog63/5/2013
Resident Evil: Director's Cut Vs. REmake. (Poll)
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Did anyone pick up Amazing Spiderman today? (Archived)hellbringher23/5/2013
Duuude. SEGA should release a s*** ton of games for the Wii U (Archived)
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I hope the Deus Ex rumour is true,if it sells maybe we might see.... (Archived)
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