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Does It Still Make Sense to Buy Mario Kart Wii or Smash Bros Brawl? (Archived)
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Could the Wii U marketing itself as Next Gen actually be hurting it? (Archived)
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Maybe gamers don't like variety in their choices for games ? (Archived)crazybot93/29/2013
Injustice: Gods Among Us demo confirmed... not coming to Wii U though (Archived)
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Chances of MGS: Twin Snakes on Wiiu VC? (Archived)jackorhoads53/29/2013
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Darksiders 2 to be removed from the eshop. (Archived)
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Unreal Engine 4 The Wii U will not get (Archived)darklink101723/29/2013
News: '' Wii U a hit with friends and with the ladies '' (Archived)Jx101013/29/2013
Are people stupid? GTAV, MGSV, BF4, ME4, and many others are coming to Wii U (Archived)
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Anyway to fix pink pixels on screen :/ (Archived)
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Shocking news: Releasing games sells Wii U consoles!! (Archived)
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Just added up the price of everything I've bought so far... (Archived)
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I'll be extremely disappointed if the next 3D Mario doesnt take it up a notch (Archived)
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I think the WiiU needs more FPS's (Archived)
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Anyone having issues with internet connectivity? (Archived)Malicious_Banjo23/29/2013
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