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Wii u in stock everywhere over produced or not selling? (Archived)
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turn off the gamepad? (Archived)dbz_element31/4/2013
Used Wii U free dl'ed games from previous owner who bought them. WiiU is a joke (Archived)Kano92101/4/2013
Where are the people playing Tekken Tag 2? (Archived)Solid Sonic71/4/2013
Tekken tag 2 or darksiders 2? (Archived)Rod198451/4/2013
Can I use an External USB Drive with a Wii U? (Archived)backguard22291/4/2013
Patcher " 99% of Patcher topics fake on the Wii U board" (Archived)GoombaX61/4/2013
Patcher "I think the Wii U will be the best system this gen" (Archived)
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Will nintendo ever make mature games? (Archived)
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wii u is true next gen (Archived)
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Which Is The Better Star Fox Game? (Poll)Transdude81/4/2013
Why do Wii games rarely drop in price but PS3 games always do? (Archived)
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Should Nintendo Make Consoles Or Portables? (Poll)Transdude91/4/2013
Boss battles need to be challenging (Archived)GloryChaos71/4/2013
New Super Mario Bros. U has really made me appreciate great design (Archived)
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I Googled a Wii Remote AC adapter so you don't have to use batteries. (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff11/4/2013
Remember when nsmb2 was announced? It was like... (Archived)Jonbazookaboz81/4/2013
Can someone convince me to buy a Wiii U now instead at Pikmin 3 launch? (Archived)
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is there a way to turn off the wii u gamepad while watching hulu. (Archived)darchur00721/4/2013
General japanese wii u questions (Archived)Nekotron21/4/2013