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Wii Sports is in 1080p I though it didn't upscale brokittens (Archived)NextGenISbetter411/19/2012
So is it just gamers that mostly do these midnight launch purchases? (Archived)DesperateMonkey511/19/2012
So uh...anyone else have a blinking light with no picture? =/ (Archived)
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Reason for Gamepad's Pathetic Battery (Archived)DrSnakes611/19/2012
The contoler feels like a portable gaming system. (Archived)dedrick123111/19/2012
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23.74% of this site bought a Wii on the launch date. (Archived)
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Oh great my Wii U won't turn on. (Archived)
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Bought a Wii U just now (Archived)
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How much are U asking for your Wii U? (Archived)
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Who here did Not get a wii u (Archived)PJ365711/19/2012
Do original Wii games upconvert to 1080p or 720p? (Archived)
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Your Wii U account is tied to and only usable on the Wii U you buy (Archived)
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