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So, the Wii U bricks if you lose power while updating, right? (Archived)sonicfanaticjtb811/19/2012
Wii U will obviously lose to the Wii in lauch sales .. (Archived)Ahoge-dono511/19/2012
So, the Nintendo eShop downloads are still tied to the system.... (Archived)linknparkfan411/19/2012
Links my club account, why can't I register for coins? (Archived)
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A few things. (Archived)digiblaster811/19/2012
The firm Ware update is 5GB? (Archived)its_matt711/19/2012
So Nintendo Land Freezes Every Time I Start It (Archived)Giygasminion911/19/2012
Error Code 150-1091? (Archived)ChipChipperson211/19/2012 is it off TV play, GamePad ONLY compatible? (Archived)AXKSION611/19/2012
Wii U uses Blu-Ray Discs (Archived)
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Wii U Firmware update is 5 gigs. (Archived)
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ATTENTION: you have a very limited time to complete your CN registration survey. (Archived)
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Gamestop selling Wii U Screen Protectors and Styli (Archived)P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N511/19/2012
C/D you're liking Miiverse. (Archived)CloudStrife630711/19/2012
Question about the universal remote capabilities... (Archived)trav3901211/19/2012
A NeoGAFer claims to have hacked the Miiverse (Archived)
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Ok what in the world is the deal here? (Archived)mattmckiness811/19/2012
ok i suprisingly love the TV remote feature (Archived)kayoticdreamz311/19/2012
Can the Gamepad control cable boxes? (Archived)Gnarkill03511/19/2012
My wii-u bricked... (Archived)
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