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When will the gamepads be available to buy seperarely from the system? (Archived)
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What are the movie services for Wii U? (Archived)Jx1010312/1/2012
can you turn the wii u controller off whilst installing the first update? (Archived)
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What external memory is compatible with the Wii U? (Archived)759Silver212/1/2012
Which is better? SMW or Yoshis Island 2 (Poll)SadCubsFan212/1/2012
Would someone please tell me what the deal is with all this freezing? (Archived)
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WIIU in Stock NOW on ships in 24hs (Archived)DaMan1900112/1/2012
new wii u pro controller work with older virtual console titles? (Archived)bigbrandon1986312/1/2012
Speaking of VC games has anyone ever played with this gadget before? (Archived)SpacedDuck312/1/2012
Anyone get the final issue of Nintendo Power yet? (Archived)
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AV Cable don't work with HDMI to get surround sound (Archived)jaymart_2k512/1/2012
Something loose in the gamepad (Archived)
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Man, there are so many horny guys in Miiverse (Archived)Butt_Squid112/1/2012
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