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How long does it take to get 10% back from the Deluxe Digital Promotion? (Archived)srsgamer8735/15/2013
Rayman Legends bonuses PS3 gets Kenway, 360 gets Sam Fisher, Wii U gets... (Archived)
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Wii U needs a mech game (Archived)K-R-A-N-G-95/15/2013
Your Reaction: A Company Is Making A Game Exclusively For The Wii U That Will... (Archived)
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Why do you buy Nintendo consoles? (Archived)
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Isn't there supposed to be a Miiverse smartphone app coming? (Archived)DeathSnipe77765/15/2013
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Miiverse Update Today (Archived)
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Do the Club Nintendo console coins stay the same if I get the Wii U later? (Archived)Numbuh10015/15/2013
Your GameCube VC games most wanted list (Archived)
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I just made a quick RE:R 360/Wii U vid (Archived)
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What time does the eshop update? (Archived)FenDieselLives75/15/2013
I have a fear of buying a Wii U because it might become the next Dreamcast (Poll)
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Nintendo trolls mankind (Archived)shaunme95/15/2013
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False Continuity in RPGs (Archived)
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