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Will Wii games run better on the Wii U? (Archived)
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Nintendo Land the PERFECT online game. Though U can't play it online. Sucks. (Archived)
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Called gamestop customer support about my wii u order (Archived)
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Don't pause your games on Wii U!!!!! (Archived)
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Wii U viable as my only gaming console? (Archived)
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Traded off some games so I could get a Deluxe (Archived)
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What third party game you want to put Nintendo content in? (Archived)omniryu111/10/2012
Will the Wii U have free online like PSN or pay online like XBL? (Archived)fedor-machine711/10/2012
Who else is happy that the Wii U is coming out so soon? (Archived)
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Europe getting sensor bar? (Archived)MotiJr611/10/2012
Spend $40 at Old Navy on Black Friday, get NSMBU for free! (Archived)
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Anyone else still prefer buttons to all this touch and motion malarchy? (Archived)
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Out of the eShop games announced for day 1 release... (Poll)
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Which of these Great Nintendo Series is the Best? (Poll)lebronwadebosh211/10/2012