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SNES controller was Nintendo's last good controller (Archived)
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How do you want Nintendo to present SSB4, 3D Mario and Mario Kart at E3? (Archived)Cyclical54/25/2013
Rayman's Challenge App Full Single Player Demo Video (Archived)Jahkeemyork34/25/2013
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I'm a Nintendo fan. Are you guys willing to accept the facts? (Archived)
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Who are you most looking forward to at E3 (Poll)
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Why do people keep thinking NOJ tells NOA what to do? (Archived)Genius_Sage44/25/2013
E3 Expo on Twitter states that Nintendo WILL be at E3 (Archived)
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No Nintendo at E3 this year. (Archived)Mandrew25784/25/2013
ITT We discus what AMAZING innovation Mario Kart will use the second screen for. (Archived)
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Sony and Microsoft have also backed out of E3 (Archived)
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e3 is in a couple weeks. I must get something off my chest. (Archived)Flamechamp233384/25/2013
What else is Nintendo gonna talk about at E3? (Archived)GoombaX34/25/2013
A word of warning about leaving your Wii U on (Archived)Gencoil54/25/2013
Wind waker HD? What are the improvements through hardware? (Archived)
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