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does anyone see this failing as a gaming console like the wii did? (Archived)
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How hot will Wii U be? (Archived)
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Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Plays its Wii U Multiplayer Trump Card (Archived)
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People are looking at a key component of the WiiU wrong (Archived)Ericxc1011/9/2012
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I'm in a dilemma regarding paying off the Wii U and a game.. Need advice! (Archived)
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Anyone else still buy Strategy Guides? (Archived)
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Will Wii U have accounts that go online or have system ID or User Codes? (Archived)TyrantLowKey611/9/2012
Wii U needs a PSY game. (Archived)
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Wonder if deluxe version's extra memory will benefit web browsing ? (Archived)
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