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Just got a basic wii u,the place that I got it was out of the black, (Archived)
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All right dudes, I think I have a problem (Archived)ashcrv412/11/2012
What happened to Rampage? (Archived)P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N712/11/2012
So launch week total for this system is about 1 million? (Archived)
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Wii U Headset on Gold Box (Archived)jaymart_2k212/11/2012
gamepad motionplus and zapper would be a great primitive vr experience (Archived)TheFallenPriest412/11/2012
What should I buy with my 20 dollar eshop card? (Archived)
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anyone hoping to see a more fierce return of nintendo players choice games? (Archived)paipr912/11/2012
GTA V or Saint's Row 4? (Poll)
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I want to play a 3d mario game on my wii u (Archived)Romeo05131012/11/2012
How to play on the GamePad only? (Archived)Aslan2191012/11/2012
Wii U is grossly overpriced. I foresee a price cut before the end of 2013 (Archived)
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Help trying to play games without updating. (Archived)drinz112/11/2012
Looking to buy a Wii LAN adapter (Archived)Supa_S612/11/2012
Why are people saying the Wii U will fail? (Archived)
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I need one game, and one game only (Archived)GiranXYZ712/11/2012
Now that the wii u is out... (Poll)king_darks112/11/2012
does wii u pro controller work for wii games? (Archived)DaMiXt412/11/2012
Diablo III.. (Archived)
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