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Audio noob, if I get these cables can I use a PC Headset on the Wii U? (Archived)Village Idiot53/15/2013
Do load times shorten if you download the game instead? (Archived)spealfan44483/15/2013
Anybody here got a Pro controller? (Archived)STN7993/15/2013
Which game are you waiting for? (Archived)
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Nintendo is so screwed!!!!! (Archived)knightimex83/15/2013
Shovel Knight confirmed for Wii U/3DS. (Archived)
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So Lego City is 22 GB... (Archived)ADHDguitar73/15/2013
Could dropping the game pad cause it to get unsynced? (Archived)
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the Wii U is like a Magikarp. (Archived)
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Unfortuantely I think Wii Fit U might be the focus of Nintendo's E3 conference. (Archived)
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Even the PS2's add on hard drive was bigger than the Wii U's (Archived)
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Any preorder bonuses for upcoming Nintendo titles? (Archived)darkqueenhelba33/15/2013
wait wait, im confused... (Archived)
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How does Metroid Prime trilogy look on the WiiU? (Archived)metroidman9233/15/2013
The Wii U isn't going to fail (Archived)lazycomplife83/15/2013
Will NIntendo release a RAM upgrade for Wii-U? (Archived)
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When you press X in Miiverse... (Archived)Paddle00823/15/2013
You think a new Sonic game would help the Wii U? (Archived)Nintendoboy7793/15/2013 selling the deluxe for $50 off at $300 (Archived)Golden Maven23/15/2013
More and more retailers are beginning to reduce Wii U price (Archived)
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