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Some guy gave me $100 to hold a Wii U for him at Best Buy (Archived)
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Gimmick or will other consoles mimic? All Fan Boys Welcome! (Archived)
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Here's the thing i never got with VC titles (Archived)YoyokuKO911/2/2012
Imagine if the wii u came with a voucher for a glass of milk! (Archived)KoffSyrup911/2/2012
Star Wars fair game for Kingdom Hearts now, huh? (Archived)
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Question about older VC games and HD compatibility (Archived)Ncuday411/2/2012
WHY Nintendo WHY does the Wii U Demo Systems have Rayman and NOT Mario? (Archived)
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Any stores still taking preorders? (Archived)Con5005511/2/2012
Should I try to get one at launch? (Archived)Turbo_TRex311/2/2012
Will Wii Us on ebay cost more now or right when it's released? (Archived)shooterfan22811/2/2012
Question about buying a couple Wii U systems to sell (Archived)
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So, the Nintendo Land that comes with the Pro console is software? (Archived)
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Any sites taking preorders that don't charge tax? (Archived)MRW1215611/2/2012
Game Pad Too Big (Archived)
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Should of waited for the Wii U version of AC3 (Archived)
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DisneyXD WiiU Challenge Special (Archived)Fr33z311/2/2012
Have ALL the Wii U units been pre-order? (Archived)bear34511/2/2012
What the hell was the point of announcing the Wii U at E3 2011? (Archived)Dark World Ruler811/2/2012
Anyone check ZombiU's official FB? (Archived)Newnie511/2/2012
Would it kill Western developers to make more fantasy oriented games? (Archived)
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