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First Review is in! Nintendo Land- 86%, NSMBU- 82% (Archived)
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Would you buy Final fantasy 13 if it came to Wii U? (Poll)
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For those who have seen the console in person (Archived)DesperateMonkey811/7/2012
Top 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games: Number 9 - Round 2 (With Discussion) (Poll)Accrovideogames811/7/2012
Daylight Savings is making the wait more tedious! (Archived)
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anyone else getting wii u games/ acessories early? (Archived)idrc82211/7/2012
what so special about the new wiimote plus box (Archived)NinjaGamer_23111/7/2012
Will there be a Videogame Crash of the 21st Century...? (Archived)
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Now that the election is over, I can finally focus on the Wii U (Archived)Lord_Diablo13111/7/2012
Okay, let's I camp out overnight at some store for a Wii U... (Archived)
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New Pic of Wii U Box, Games & Accessories (Archived)
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Oh. My. God. (Archived)
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I hope they put more effort into the N64 Virtual Console. (Archived)Steve__Burnside711/6/2012
So apparently, Wii U needs a patch day one to install the online features. (Archived)
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Playing any Wii games till launch? (Archived)KiritoArt711/6/2012
That old fool Miyamoto talks about the Wii U Philosphy (Archived)sonic777811/6/2012
Games games games.. But no one is talking about the best feature! (Archived)Ericxc811/6/2012
Sigh:( My Best Buy isn't doing a midnight launch:( (Archived)Slipknot2430211/6/2012
Getting a Wii U? (Poll)turntablist08811/6/2012
Can anyone confirm the Old Navy Black Friday Deal? (Archived)
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