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Analysis of the current state of the Wii U (Archived)omnikinesis56/12/2013
An amazing time at E3 playing countless upcoming Wii U games. Blown away. (Archived)
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Nintendo, dat ball, why you drop it? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Wind Waker HD Q? (Archived)LuckyLickmore46/12/2013
If you see anything on this board, DON'T TAKE IT AS A FACT. (Archived)digiblaster56/12/2013
Is Nintendo done showing off their stuff, or more in the next few days? (Archived)
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The Miiverse police busted me... (Archived)
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So anyone staying Wii U only this gen? (Archived)
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Super Mario 3D World.... laziest, most uninspired 3D Mario game ever (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler1836/12/2013
Nintendo is so stuck in the past...*sarcasm* :D (Archived)BrokenBandit8416/12/2013
Sequel to luigis mansion on wii u on (Archived)Freakzilla516/12/2013
After the dust has settled how do u feel? x (Archived)
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So Ghosts IS coming to Wii U now? (Archived)poo11111111111166/12/2013
Is it just me, or does Zelda WW HD look ugly like the one for GCN? (Archived)
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Smash Bros to Run at........ (Archived)Panner16/12/2013
Personally, I found the entire E3 stale. How about you? (Archived)
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Something I noticed about our two favorite mascots. (Archived)EdwardoMario1656/12/2013
The Sonic Platformer looks to be the best 3D Platfomer to get this year (Archived)The_Shadow_Link96/12/2013
EA did not lobby for used games DRM (Archived)squatch22106/12/2013
Best Buy Demo Gameplay (Archived)Darkside_Shadow36/12/2013
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