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Wii U = don't download (Archived)
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Is it impossible for me to buy a Wii U at launch? (Archived)
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how many canadians are going to be enduring brutal weather in line? (Archived)gumbyxcore99711/14/2012
Just sold my Wii U Deluxe for $6,499.00 (Archived)
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It's almost here, did you preorder a system? (Poll)
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will we be able to play online multiplayer for wii games on wii U? (Archived)gompers69411/14/2012
So I tried it at BestBuy (Archived)VeryDarkSoul111/14/2012
Tekken was going to be simplified on the Wii U.... (Archived)ChipChipperson811/14/2012
If my external HDD works on PS3, will it definitely work with Wii U? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee611/14/2012
My friend who works in the video game industry just got his system. (Archived)XxGhaleonxX511/14/2012
Scribblenauts version differences? (Archived)
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How much will you spen on eShop launch day? (Poll)
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All the LATEST Nintendo Direct News! (Archived)
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Protip: Anybody looking to buy some Wiimotes before the Wii U comes out.. (Archived)MirageMew2811/14/2012
Reggie LIED to us about the Wii U Hard Drive storage being up to 3TB!!! >:( (Archived)
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Is it true you can't use an sd card to add memory for wii u? (Archived)lowuw511/14/2012
I wouldnt worry about not getting a Wii U Sunday.... (Archived)ExplorerSP211/14/2012
I ordered mine on any way possible ... (Archived)NugSoupLiar811/14/2012
Does Nintendo Land feature online modes? (Archived)
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So paid off my preorder today.. (Archived)Aenisha611/14/2012