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Chances will accept more wii-u pre-orders before the 18th? (Archived)Mindwipe77510/19/2012
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will the wiiu run the same games that come out on ps3 n xbox (Archived)paint87210/19/2012
Will Darksiders II include the DLC from the season pass? (Archived)strongo9710/19/2012
Will we be able transfer eshop games from wii to wii u (Archived)TheRealistKilla410/19/2012
Kriby is white, not pink. They should have kept it that way. (Archived)
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One month from midnight. (Archived)
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you cant use the classic controller pro? (Archived)druskie910/19/2012
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Top 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games: Number 3 - Round 2 (Poll)
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I have a WiiU pre ordered but... (Archived)
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If I'm playing Virtual console games, I won't be using the gamepad. (Archived)Joehop007110/19/2012
My local Target opened up preorders! (Archived)Storm83610/19/2012
Tomb Raider Not In Develepment at this time for Wii U (Archived)StickMen1090810/19/2012
Able to play Wii U games on the toilet? (Archived)Evilmonster910/19/2012
Wii U without preorder (Archived)InfiniSephiroth910/19/2012
How forgiving is Scribblenauts on drawings? (Archived)
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Touchscreen better than 3DS? (GameXplain Discussion) (Archived)duderdude3310/19/2012
Confirmed: Wii U less power than 360, PS3 launch. (Archived)
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So NOW we need a headset for voice chat? Really Nintendo? (Archived)
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