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Why does everyone hate Denis Dyack again? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman75/5/2013
Yes. No big E3 conference is a huge loss. (Archived)
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I haven't been up to date lately. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman35/5/2013
With EA withdrawing support you have to wonder (Archived)
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Waluigi Land (Archived)RahzarX105/5/2013
Are Wii U racing games like Need For Speed compatible with steering wheel? (Archived)dcamp2775/5/2013
good kids game out now? (Archived)
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Losing Faith In Nintendo (Archived)
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Does Nintendo take its fans for granted? (Poll)
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Any news on when GBA games will be on the Wii U VC? (Archived)Planetvideogame35/5/2013
What I want.....One Piece Unlimited Cruise Collection HD (Archived)Sneakers45/5/2013
Whatever happened to Wii Sports U? (Archived)liveman78965/5/2013
Will Nintendo show footage of the Wii U 3D Mario series??? (Archived)TheBigHairyDude45/5/2013
So how is the online aspect of the Wii U? Can I have a username and servers (Archived)
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I think nintendo is japanese for waiting. (Archived)_The_Blode_85/5/2013
Which gaming console(any gen) would be the best personification of a moray eel? (Archived)woolays105/5/2013
having a hard time deciding which game to play (Archived)Ivany200895/4/2013
People really do think it's an attachment for the Wii..... (Archived)
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Would nintendo stream their E3 nintendo directs during the xbox press conference (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X55/4/2013
So is the Wii U Nintendo's Vita? (Archived)
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