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LOL xD someone pretends to be from Nintendo on Miiverse! LULZ ensue! (video) (Archived)
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where do you go to watch the nintendo direct? (Archived)McmadnessV372/14/2013
Castlevania producer is interested in working with Nintendo on a Zelda game. (Archived)
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So the Wii U asked me if I want to format my Mp3. So I got a question. (Archived)chequelots32/14/2013
No new earthbound for a very very long time. A book copyright the name. (Archived)knightimex42/14/2013
Can you copy a NNID onto another Wii U console? (Archived)ThePrisoner0642/14/2013
i stink at time much longer till the direct? (Archived)druskie92/14/2013
Need For Speed Most Wanted U features best visuals, true Miiverse integration (Archived)
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Explain to me why everyone loves Earthbound so much? (Archived)
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So, is Iwata gonna drop some bombs in the mornin?! (Archived)
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All this Wii U hate (Archived)
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What games are you getting in March? (Archived)
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Haha trolls, the Wii U is getting The Walking Dead! (Archived)
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When is the next Nintendo Direct broadcast? (Archived)ThePrisoner0652/13/2013
C/D Nintendo should have delayed the Wii U by a few months (Archived)iKhanic62/13/2013
I need help with wii u gamepad repair (Archived)sjc1279102/13/2013
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Not Trolling, but why buy a Wii U (Archived)
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The Nintendo Direct will probably be a price cut (Archived)YamiYugi4400102/13/2013