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Popular buzzword for Nintendo here seems to be "upscaled" and "uninspired". (Archived)ZeroArchery56/11/2013
Anyone else expecting a price drop before MK8 and SSB4? (Archived)CHEEEESEMAN106/11/2013
"X" looks amazing. (Archived)
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So, now after the Direct, what ganes are you looking forward to? (Archived)
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Remember when a lot of us said we don't want a Super Mario Galaxy 3 (Archived)
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Anyone wish they used a more mature looking megaman? (Archived)
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Wii U is rapidly becoming my least favorite Nintendo console ever. (Archived)
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Since we still have 2 days of E3 left, should we expect new announcements there? (Archived)KingTurt86/11/2013
This IGN post show is making me so angry. (Archived)
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Why the hell is Wii Fit trainer a playable character? This is stupid. (Archived)GloryChaos46/11/2013
lol i might actually get a wii u (Archived)Kia123Amini96/11/2013
im thinking about selling this for a 3ds after that bland direct (Archived)ps2snesgod76/11/2013
DKC:TB ~ I hated DKCR since you could not switch chars. DIXIE IS BACK! (Archived)nuskooI56/11/2013
Poll of the Day comparison (Archived)pokemonfreak9726/11/2013
Any date for the next Direct, yet? (Archived)Dark_Link9226/11/2013
The effect of multiple ND's on Nintendo's E3 conference (Archived)jtr21936/11/2013
9 seconds of Watch Dogs running on the Wii U (Archived)vidalmoraza86/11/2013
Nintendo was smart in not having a conference (Archived)MirageMew236/11/2013
How long into the Wii release was super Mario galaxy released? (Archived)kingbadjo36/11/2013
Nintendo is having serious issues with storytelling... (Archived)
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