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Someone stole the demo Wii U pad from the gamestop where I work (Archived)KoffSyrup611/4/2012
WiiU TVii........ small tiny minor little details.... (Archived)
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Nintendo Land attractions -> full games? (Archived)
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Just preordered black ops 2 (Archived)KoffSyrup111/4/2012
Can I use my Wii Classic Pro instad of Wii U Classic Pro for VC? (Archived)digital1903711/4/2012
Top 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games: Number 8 - Round 1 (With Discussion) (Poll)Accrovideogames1011/4/2012
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Target will have Wii Us (Archived)Jx1010311/4/2012
Can someone please explain wii shop channel and game saves on Wii U? (Archived)tgbyhnaa311/4/2012
I think the wii u will be terrible at washing my clothes. (Archived)
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Wii U Screen Resolution? (Archived)
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So only stores releasing wii u on their shelves only r Target, KMart, and Sears? (Archived)redkrank1811/4/2012
We have to do a "Console Roast" for the wii u to celebrate it's release. (Archived)
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What games are you playing till Wii U launches? (Archived)
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Paid off your preorder? (Poll)
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For those on the fence about buying Wii U at launch, did the demo encourage you? (Archived)
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If the PS4 even has 4GBs of RAM, then the Wii U is screwed with 3rd party games (Archived)
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Would you like a Kirby RPG on Wii U? (Poll)MarioMan847711/4/2012
So what hapens if you break your gamepad somehow? (Archived)
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What are we gonna see with 3DS connectivity ? (Archived)JordanDopee811/4/2012