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So does the WiiU run at 1080p and 60fps? (Archived)
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Price of launch eshop games? (Archived)DrDoomsday411/18/2012
Now that the Wii U is out, will HDTVs finally start selling? (Archived)BroadwayGPU211/18/2012
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Bought 7 Wii Us. Drove 2 hrs and waited 6hrs in store (Archived)TheMove2511/18/2012
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What's the Best Zelda game? (vote for your favorite) (Poll)lebronwadebosh811/18/2012
Easiest system I ever got (Archived)
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So, now that the Wii U is in our homes, all nice and snug.. Pics of your setup! (Archived)Tuggboat1121611/18/2012
This is likely one of the worst console launches ever. (Archived)
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So if the WiiU isn't doing a midnight launch, when will it be available? (Archived)3khc411/18/2012