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Did trying to release the Wii U a year ahead of competition ruin the system? (Archived)Brandy197762/7/2013
Who here can't wait for Rayman Legends? (Archived)
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How many consoles have you owned? (Poll)
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Should I wait and see if Lego City goes multiplat before preordering? (Archived)hellbringher22/7/2013
Converting Virtual Console titles to your Wii U (Archived)_Thr33_82/7/2013
I bet tomorrow's Poll of the Day will be about the Rayman Legends announcement (Archived)abbyhitter22/7/2013
Rayman exclusivity cancelled due to poor sales CONFIRMED (Archived)
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Only 3 weeks until Rayman launches, are you getting it? (Archived)
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So, when do the post-play surveys become available? (Archived)AXELVengeance42/7/2013
So I was gonna buy a wii u with my tax refund... (Archived)BrewTownGamer102/7/2013
The first miiverse protest on rayman is rather interesting. (Archived)oOo_SOX_oOo52/7/2013
Well, I feel like my concerns are coming true: Yet again I spent 300 bucks on... (Archived)
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What was the exact quote Kotick said about the Wii Us poor sales? (Archived)cabcalloway198382/7/2013
So did anyone get kenshiro' rage 2 (Archived)Leetyroneus102/7/2013
Nintendo should reunite with Rare (Archived)
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Here's the great thing about used games. (Archived)Ccroybb92/7/2013
Imagine the rage when bayonetta 2 goes multiplat (Archived)Murderstorm11722/7/2013
So Raymond Legends is no longer a Wii U exclusive and pushed back? (Archived)
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i hit platinum status (Archived)canton kid22/7/2013
Ubisoft damage control: Nintendo will change (Archived)
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