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REALLY let's do FACTS: nintendo, 3rd paries and wii u's bleak future (Archived)
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Got a WiiU from grandmother didn't expect it (Archived)Coop14412/27/2012
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C/D: Nintendo should have spent more time on the console vs the controller (Archived)
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You need to consider Sonic Racing (Archived)
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Online Multiplayer games and MiiVerse (Archived)johnbrown91312/27/2012
a true successor to mario 64 would be the wii u's killer app! (Archived)
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Gamepad picture settings? (Archived)jnballer69412/27/2012
I really like this console. (Archived)parkourboybryan612/27/2012
I want to play Smash Bros with the pro controller (Archived)
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do you think the white comsole should have been bundled with nintendo land and (Archived)Rod1984612/27/2012
got a 35 dollar card for christmas...wii u or 3ds? (Archived)VaultBoy2010212/27/2012
Any USB bus powered external hard drives that don't require Y-cables? (Archived)sfried812/27/2012
True Sequel to Super Mario 64, get on it! (Archived)HeroC114612/27/2012
Nintendo Patents Panorama View Feature (Archived)
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Why do ppl expect quality, games and value for money? (Archived)
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The latest system update. (Archived)Iceman83412/27/2012
Miiverse not active for Nintendo Land? (Archived)dsguy411512/27/2012
Has this board gotten better for discussing Wii U games? (Archived)
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