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The Wii isn't going to be remembered fondly, will the Wii U? (Archived)
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So what old games would you guys find nice to have a new game for this system (Archived)MKman9495512/7/2012
Anyone kinda looking forward to that Google Maps thing? (Archived)
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how much is the wii u today? should i get a wii u for christmas or a vita? (Archived)
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Which of these hypothetical sequels would most interest you for the Wii-U? (Poll)
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Issues with logging in for Deluxe promotion? (Archived)AmbientEDGE212/7/2012
Um, should the Youtube install take this long? (Archived)
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Is The Wii U Update Worth The Risk *Need Hounest Opinions* (Archived)
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Just bought a Wii- U Wiimote from the store. Doesnt work, of course. (Archived)
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Anyone else having Deluxe Digital Promotion issues? (Archived)VenomSymbiote912/7/2012
Can't turn on Wii U with Wii U Gamepad (Archived)__Darujhistan__312/7/2012
Anyone sad the startup is bland? (Archived)JoeSkeletor1012/7/2012
VGAs in less than a hour, hoping for a new wiiu game to be announced... (Archived)mkfreddddi912/7/2012
The most noob question asked by your friends? (Archived)Megabest39512/7/2012
External Hardrive (Archived)lWrongwayl612/7/2012
tvii question (Archived)godslayer61112/7/2012
i need some advice please (Archived)
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Problem with Wii remote in Nintendo Land (Archived)Nintendo316T112/7/2012
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Is the Wii U system transfer worth it? (Archived)
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