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Wiiu needs an ambassador program. (Archived)
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Has anyone found the new secret area in Toki Tori2 yet?I could really use a hint (Archived)-Unowninator-65/15/2013
Virtual Console (Archived)Kentaro2135/15/2013
Should nintendo beg EA for forgivness? (Archived)
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Upcoming games for the Wii U; (Archived)
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What's Wii U's "Special Feature"? (Archived)diggyfresh65/15/2013
For all the trolls about the wii u I think this sums it up (Archived)tomorrowsvillan25/15/2013
would this external hdd work... (Archived)DarkNashX75/15/2013
Nicest gaming Journalist mocks WIi U for being ugly and having no games (Archived)
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How many Club Nintendo points do I get for buying the 30 cent VC game? (Archived)devastatorX245/15/2013
Metroid is up (Archived)
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Did I lock myself out of the VC menu? (Archived)_Taidow_35/15/2013
Why are Mario and Zelda more popular than Metroid? (Archived)
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Nintendo should relaunch Wii U this fall (Archived)
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Why do you think Nintendo isn't failing with the Wii U? (Archived)
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Why won't third parties make games for Nintendo? (Archived)jujusix105/15/2013
Next Generation Dominating Killer App is out!! (Archived)PrinceOfHot45/15/2013
A different sort of topic for this board. (Archived)Shadow_Mario0155/15/2013
What do you want to be the next console? (Poll)Jacob4671965/15/2013
Do Western Developers even make good games? (Nintendo only) (Archived)
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