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Gamepad Battery, is it Replaceable? where to buy it? (Archived)philadoni412/4/2012
My gamepad keeps lagging during gameplay. (Archived)
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Spring 2013 consoles will include Patch (Archived)
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Nintendo should release a Starfox game for the Wii U. (Archived)KevoCSCS912/4/2012
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I wish the Wii U was truly portable. (Archived)Coleby612/4/2012
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Is Miiverse the reason why the OS is so slow and performs badly? (Archived)
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My wii u keeps sending me to home menu! (Archived)NickLOLZ1012/4/2012
My Wii U told me I was the chosen one (Archived)GM_412/4/2012
Why isn't there an external HDD/flash/disc load speed comparison for Wii U yet? (Archived)Megagunstarman312/4/2012
The reason why people are apathetic towards the Wii U: no killer launch app (Archived)
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Debby Ryan promoting the Wii U at Nintendo World! (Disney Channel) (Archived)Poweranimals412/4/2012
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Rainbow Blotch on Gamepad (Archived)
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Telling the people to go outside during the initial update seems kind of silly (Archived)Wild_Studkip312/4/2012