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when is the next nintendo direct? (Archived)kenpachi9916/11/2013
At least Nintendo did something right with their presentation... (Archived)
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Dang... Shattered hopes. (Archived)gholin56/11/2013
Didnt nintendo say some things would be shown at e3 and not all on direct (Archived)GoombaX46/11/2013
Woah there!! Wait a minute...the new 3d mario has online co-op right?? (Archived)shaunme76/11/2013
it is not going to be Wii U vs. PS4..... (Archived)
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This direct was really confusing (Archived)ninsony1216/11/2013
Even I can admit that Sony won (Archived)
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So ya Wii U and PS4 next gen (Archived)GoombaX16/11/2013
KH III word what the heck does it mean (Archived)Freakzilla526/11/2013
Poll: Did nintendo just disappoint you ? (Poll)
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So Glad Retro's Game was DKC (Archived)
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Too bad The Division won't be coming to the Wii U... (Archived)
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After the dust settled... a great fall line up for Wii U (Archived)
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Where can i watch the unveiling of Smash? (Archived)SoincMetal56/11/2013
We get snow and underwater levels in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze!!! (Archived)dcamp2756/11/2013
this was a pretty Powerful E3 i think (Archived)zado1946/11/2013
Retro's new game is... (Archived)Zodryn46/11/2013
Smash Bros on 3DS will definately hurt potential Wii U sales... (Archived)DemonBuffet76/11/2013
My hope for DK / Diddy / Dixie... (Archived)DexterTheThird36/11/2013
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