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Wii U preorders sold-out ALREADY. (Archived)
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So Friend Codes are still a thing. (Archived)
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Manhunt 2 Wii worth a purchase? (Archived)hellbringher29/14/2012
Wii U has more internal storage than any XBOX 360. (Archived)
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Will the WiiU use the same sensor bar as the Wii? (Archived)Moorish_Idol29/14/2012
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C/D It's wise that Nintendo will not reveal major first party titles until E3. (Archived)
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I dont mean to make another topic, but I am so sad that the system has sold out (Archived)AStrawhatPirate59/14/2012
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Why are people calling the Wii-U current gen? (Archived)
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Why is Everyone So upset about Bayonetta, but not Rayman Legends? (Archived)
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Would be as much rage if the opposite of the Bayo2 scenario happened? (Archived)
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