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C/D: ZombiU has the best graphics to ever grace a console (Poll)
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Will Regular Wii games be upscaled on Wii U (Hdmi) connection? (Archived)
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Would you want to see a Golden Sun game on Wii U? (Poll)
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Do some of you actually enjoy replaying ports/remakes? (Poll)NovaCast109/15/2012
Can Wii games be played on the controller when the console is off? (Archived)
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Any other places but GameStop do the preorder thing? (Archived)
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What if Nintendo as a business ends up like Disney in the future... (Archived)KoolLaidMan49/15/2012
How to add ''more memory'' to WHITE Wii U? (Archived)Jx101089/15/2012
Pre - Order ............ question? (Archived)Jx101079/15/2012
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How many third parties do you expect to do the "asynchronous" thing? (Archived)TastyKittyMMMM39/15/2012
Let's be honest: Nintendo is selling out (Archived)elheber29/15/2012
Wii U preorders sold-out ALREADY. (Archived)
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So Friend Codes are still a thing. (Archived)
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I am so sick of people saying that.. (Archived)HungoverHero77799/14/2012
Not worth it until theres a game with some longevity.... (Archived)SadCubsFan69/14/2012
Does the WiiU have streetpass functionality? (Archived)catsrnice49/14/2012
Catches Game Discs or Disc Tray??? (Archived)ScroogeMcNix29/14/2012