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Tommorows Nintendo direct focusing on first party games. (Archived)
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So whats The Cave like? (Archived)aj_hacker8751/22/2013
Nintendo releasing 3DS bundles with designs on them, why not Wii U? (Archived)teamaquashock51/22/2013
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It's not getting *insert 360 or PS3 game* because this is NEXT GEN, not LAST GEN (Archived)TheLetterGuy51/22/2013
Are you forced to use the awful 1 square feet controller? (Archived)
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Ugh. March is going to hurt my wallet. (Archived)sejan1241/22/2013
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Game Informer gives the Wii U console a B- rating (Archived)
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All I want from the Nintendo Direct is Pikmin 3 plot details and a release date (Archived)liveman78961/22/2013
STICKY: This is how we FIGHT the trolls (Archived)
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Here you go: An Internet speed tester that works on Wii U (Archived)mmarkster61/22/2013
So is Nintendo at least PLANNING to remove the ID-tied-to-Console nonsense? (Archived)
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I remember the same "Where are the games" crying when Wii came out. (Archived)
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Has anyone else noticed... (Archived)Crimson10Blades71/22/2013
just sold my wii u. (Archived)
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Anyone else hoping they reveal Retro Studio's new game? (Archived)Sakurafanboy51/22/2013
is wiiU aable to run GC games? (Archived)
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