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What if SE announces FFXV is going to be Wii U exclusive? (Archived)
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Anyone thinks there will be a revised Wii U, like Wii u slim for example...? (Archived)
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other gaming stores still have preorders (Archived)NinjaGamer_2329/16/2012
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Let Me Clear This Up (Archived)
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so now that gamestop and bestbuy out of stock, where do i pre order the 32gb? (Archived)
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How easy would it be to sell a Wii U for a profit on eBay when it launches? (Archived)
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Preordered my Wii-u today..Bye bye 360 I had to give you up for a UPGRADE LOL (Archived)
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Wii U is looking incredible! (Archived)
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Perfect way to turn a buck with the Wii U. Best idea! *READ* (Archived)Bikabenownz39/16/2012
"Your WiiU controller destroyed my screen, I want reimbursement!" (Archived)BlueSophia89/16/2012
The PS4 and 720 will be so much bigger than Wii U (Archived)
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Walmart 32GB pre-order. Do they charge when the order is shipped or placed? (Archived)akxsion69/16/2012
So a few questions in regards to the Wii-U... (Archived)
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The real reason Wii U costs $300-350 and games are $60 (Archived)JohnnyCageMK69/16/2012
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