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The WII U will be Nintendo's dimise (Archived)
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Wii U specs? (Archived)VGAddict90411/18/2012
So, do games do an install like PS3 games? (Archived)SimplyAwesomeAJ311/18/2012
Netflix in another room on the gamepad? (Archived)xLexLuth0rx211/18/2012
Question about Nintendo store points for old VC games (Archived)SpacedDuck111/18/2012
Getting it in a few hours. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman311/18/2012
Troubles connecting to the interwebs (Archived)
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Question about Wii games (Archived)trenken311/18/2012
So the Wii was a dust collector... (Archived)nonexistinghero211/18/2012
Launch games do not prove a system's power. (Archived)
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Any lines this morning or last night? (Archived)ExplorerSP611/18/2012
Question about the pro controller (Archived)wolfebanes911/18/2012
Did Target and Toys-R-Us open for the WiiU midnight launch? (Archived)3khc511/18/2012
Playing Wiiu without TV (Archived)mattfrank311/18/2012
Toys R Us had 6 deluxe left (Archived)Marxus Drakkan111/18/2012
do you think i can get a wii u without a preorder? (Archived)green butter1011/18/2012
Going to upgrade to the delux now. (Archived)ArmorWolf01111/18/2012
Rumor: Nintendo Wii U = free patches, Xbox $40,000 per patch. (Archived)
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Does the Wii U allow installing disc bought games to the internal HD? (Archived)GAMER_X_REVIVAL511/18/2012
If Nintendo is the 1st party and Ubisoft is 3rd party, who is 2nd party? (Archived)
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