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Twilight Princess... GC or Wii? (Archived)
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Is it just me or does that Monolith soft game looks like monster hunter (Archived)
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What systems will be on the Wii U virtual console other than NES, SNES, and GBA? (Archived)KingKilvas31/23/2013
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FINALLY, Nintendo unvieled a couple of new games OF WORTH. (Archived)Kirazykid31/23/2013
I'd pay the VC fee if it added achievements. (Archived)knightoffire5541/23/2013
So is it 30 cents for the game or is it 30 cents for a 30-day trial? (Archived)
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Resident evil revelations wii u trailer here.. (Archived)Jonbazookaboz11/23/2013
I'm confused. Is Nintendo sellling 30-day VC game trials for 30 cents? (Archived)strongo931/23/2013
Theory: The KEY-rehash part of the Yoshi footage isn't the main game (Archived)pokemega3261/23/2013
Monoliths RPG is .............. (Archived)
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