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will the wii U get its own Final Fantasy 7, arguably the best video game ever? (Archived)
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Plenty of Wii U's available and I feel dumb for preordering. (Archived)rokkuman911/18/2012
What's the Graphic Quality like on the gamepad??? (Archived)s2good211/18/2012
Is this a good HDD? (Archived)GuerillaGorilla311/18/2012
Can the Game pad be use while its charging/plugged in? (Archived)llcoolyea54543511/18/2012
Hooray, looks like I'm in the 1% who got a screwed up console (Archived)
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I finally got to play the WiiU demo in my local game shop. (Archived)marioparty17411/18/2012
Was there much whining when the Wii came out? (Archived)Poweranimals211/18/2012
Wii U, best console ever <3 (Archived)UNTZUNTZ911/18/2012
Walked into BB this morning at 10am and bought a deluxe (Archived)Laserawesome711/18/2012
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I don't get the complaints about the launch line-up. (Archived)digiblaster911/18/2012
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Gamepad sound? (Archived)V8rmillion311/18/2012
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where will the SD card be in the box? (Archived)DrDoomsday511/18/2012
Oh yeah, had an awesome morning (Archived)
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IGN ZombiU score, predict here! (Archived)iloveheavyrain1011/18/2012