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Think PETA will have another try against Mario Again? (Archived)The_Shadow_Link36/11/2013
I think I'll be waiting another 3 years for Real Mario 3DU (Archived)Melkac66/11/2013
When are the other Nintendo Directs happening? (Archived)AKC1226/11/2013
Just look at this troll face! (Archived)CHAINMAILLEKID16/11/2013
I think Nintendo not impressing at E3 gave the Xbox One a chance now (Archived)ChevelIe26/11/2013
This is why you have a proper E3 conference. (Archived)greatone101106/11/2013
Post Smash Bros hype, my impressions (Archived)SettaWorldTeeth16/11/2013
I was hoping for a new zelda with twiilightt princess graphics style (Archived)ManuKesna26/11/2013
So, Cat Mario in the new Mario game.... (Archived)HungoverHero77716/11/2013
Nintendo E3 Event times 2013 (Archived)DiscostewSM16/11/2013
I cant believe how kind is Nintendo with us this 2013..... (Archived)
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Couldn't catch the show. What Did I missed? (Archived)summerclaw76/11/2013
Does the announced PS4 Price of $399 put the Wii U in a tight spot? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
My opinions on the E3 Nintendo Direct (game by game) (Archived)1906198086/11/2013
I thought they were overhauling Wind Waker HD? (Archived)SlimeSwayze96/11/2013
Wind Waker is 1080p (Archived)
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Nintendo Power Hour 2pm EST Tuesday (Archived)MilesTeg42036/11/2013
I Monolithicaly CAME! (Archived)
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So X looks like it is not a Xenoblade sequel (Archived)jeffmusta76/11/2013
See Nintendo's offical YouTube channel (Archived)Xcalibur0226/11/2013
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