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So let's agree that Star Fox series is done? (Archived)
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Nintendo is just very different than Sony and Microsoft (Archived)
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Any reason to explore the land in Assassins Creed 3? (Archived)hellbringher33/31/2013
Stuck pixel on Wii U GamePad (Archived)Blouge103/31/2013
Weird Wii U Freeze (Not typical) (Archived)themoth211233/31/2013
System froze from playing punch out (Archived)Goblin Prince23/31/2013
If Nintendo was ever in danger of stopping making consoles (Archived)crazyisgood53/31/2013
So wait, why is everyone saying the WiiU will fail if.... (Archived)
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Digital Foundry: Need for Speed: Most Wanted U "the definitive console version" (Archived)
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Will the Wii U even survive until some AAA first party games are released? (Archived)
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Nintendo needs to update first party release dates now (Archived)ZatchBell13/31/2013
Happy 20th Anniversary Star Fox! (Archived)melvin34383/31/2013
Is the Wii U proven to be more powerful than the 360/PS3? (Archived)
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Do you want Nintendo to change to a software only business model? (Poll)Ziggletooth63/31/2013
Think we'll ever see NES Popeye for the VC? (Archived)DarkIVloon83/31/2013
These games coming out from here to June for sure? (Archived)ArmorWolf0133/31/2013
anyone got there wii u premiums 32gb with zombie u and nintenod land for 199.99 (Archived)mcmo2133/31/2013
You want to talk about milked huh? (Archived)
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Citizens of Earth Landing on Wii U Nintendo eShop (Archived)
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Is there an option to set the Wii on 480p on Wii U? (Archived)Ghost_Turtle93/31/2013
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