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Wait, Wii U plays Wii U games, supports Wii U accessories, and has internet?! (Archived)
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Nintendo Releases Flyer To Explain What The Hell The Wii-U Actually Is (Archived)
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My friend lost his VC games. (Archived)00bularn00bular43/25/2013
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With the Deus Ex Port coming, it got me thinking... (Archived)
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C/D If every 3DS game was on Wii U, you would have no use for a 3DS. (Archived)
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You know what would boost Metroid & Pikmin's sales? (Archived)
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I'm finally breaking down and buying a Wii-U (Archived)MalifacentX43/25/2013
Most people want games from 1990s, if given a choice (Archived)
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Drawing website (Archived)rudgerlight63/25/2013
what I expect and what I would've done with Wind Waker HD (Archived)omniryu63/25/2013
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What's your favorite boss battle theme? (Archived)
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Nintendo is becmoing irrelevant in console gaming (Archived)Murderstorm11753/25/2013
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