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Just got a Wii U for Christmas! Need help deciding if I should keep it... (Archived)
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Got a Wii when I was 5 years old. Now at 30 I'm getting a Wii U... (Archived)eellliioottt212/25/2012
SICK AND TIRED of nintendo releasing new hardware without games (Archived)
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Wii U Christmas Rage (Archived)47rox412/25/2012
What causes wrinkled/wavy game art? (Archived)XChaosPrimeX912/25/2012
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I will not buy this console! (Archived)
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Just got a wii u for Christmas got a few questions? (Archived)Hercik1612/25/2012
Wii U freezing (Archived)
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My Wii U lit on fire!!! (Archived)Nintendoboy77812/25/2012
How do I set the audio to the tv and not the Wii U Pad? (Archived)Pasky13212/25/2012
Cheap place to get Wii Motes for this thing? (Archived)
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I asked for a Wii U. (Archived)
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If Mario (series) was never invented, who would be the mascot for Nintendo? (Poll)
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Anyone else find THQ's situation pretty funny when thinking of this system? (Archived)RetroFanGirl412/24/2012
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Did this sell enough to be successful? (Archived)
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Why does Mario keep getting a free pass? (Archived)
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