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Game Industry needs to push gaming in new directions. Wii was on the right track (Archived)
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Lol the UPlay board on miiverse is hilarious right now (Archived)PUNCHOUT111622/8/2013
Sign here if you think the Wii U has the makings of a great gaming system! (Archived)
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Probably over thinking the situation with Rayman but... (Archived)OMG_AIDS82/8/2013
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Bayonetta 2 And The Wonderful 101 Will Stay As Wii U Exclusives (Archived)
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Do Wii U owners act entitled? (Poll)
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Anyone else tempted to get aliens on another system instead of waiting. (Archived)
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So WHY are they releasing GBA games on the Wii U VC? I have a theory. (Archived)adampeltz82/8/2013
How come no Dead Space 3? (Archived)
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New Demo for Rayman Legends Coming to Wii U Soon (Archived)
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Mario poster set back up on Club Nintendo rewards. (Archived)metalXgear42/8/2013
I feel so ironic (Archived)
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Ubisoft acknowledges, Rayman Legends development on Wii U is done (Archived)deathsaber7952/8/2013
Rate the Nintendo Song: Day 7 - Jolly Roger Bay (Super Mario 64) (Poll)GloryChaos92/8/2013
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So... about Virtual Reality... (Archived)
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Saw the Retro Pro Controller at Gamestop today (Archived)P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N82/8/2013