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Does the Wii to Wii U transfer delete the Mii associated with your Nintendo ID? (Archived)chrono01311/23/2012
Why is the Wii U is so cheaply constructed (Archived)
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Saw 32 delux Wii Us at my local Best Buy today on Black Friday (Archived)Hucast91011/23/2012
It's ok to own a Nintendo console just for 1st party games... (Archived)
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Transferring games, do you have to download them to the Wii first? (Archived)Mech_Battalion311/23/2012
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Do the games that support the pro controler run better with it? (Archived)jmichaelbp211/23/2012
Yo man we put some 1080p capabilities on this mamma jamma (Archived)TheApd_Returns311/23/2012
With the specs now known I cant see Zelda Wii U coming close to the tech demo (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler2211/23/2012
proof that this system is underwhelming. (Archived)
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Haven't been able to make a NNID for 2 days (Archived)MasterAngel311/23/2012
I know it's already been said, but... (Archived)dudupupu811/23/2012
Be the first 100 to get a UK Wii U and get 2 games free. (Archived)Oracion-Alpha611/23/2012
How are loading times for retail/digital in general? (Archived)Chargrilled611/23/2012
A brief summary of your Wii-U experience so far (owners only) (Archived)
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Replacing Wii U parts. (Archived)
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