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So, what was the point of the Wii U Basic recall? (Archived)Heartless1846/11/2013
I'm sorry, but Nintendo, NO. JUST NO. (Archived)
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Smash needs the Female Villager as well (Archived)The_Shadow_Link36/11/2013
No Mario Kart or Metroid (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Hey, what are the four games being announced for the Best Buy thing? (Archived)wedontgetfooledagain66/11/2013
What is Nintendo doing... (Archived)angealfire96/11/2013
Wonderful 101 looks completely insane. (Archived)123chatty76/11/2013
Mario 3D World: Timer, Fixed Camera, Star Coins, Linear Levels (Archived)
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Sad that the new Mario Kart has more production value and creativity... (Archived)
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That was a great Direct. :) (Archived)Sakurafanboy56/11/2013
so, E3 presentation criticism aside, i'm getting a WiiU when i get enough money (Archived)manmouse26/11/2013
That was awesome! (Archived)lowuw86/11/2013
So is this all we're gonna hear from nintendo? (Archived)gholin26/11/2013
What happened to her hair!? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei26/11/2013
What was everything announced by Nintendo? (Archived)Assembler11436/11/2013
Sonic Lost World drops on October 13th (Archived)Ccrules279136/11/2013
Hahahaha! Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel! (Archived)GooperBlooper16/11/2013
It's Betting Time, Everyone! (Archived)Archsaze106/11/2013
Anti-Grav Kart just makes me want a new F-Zero even more (Archived)The_Shadow_Link16/11/2013
Anyone else get an F-Zero vibe from the new Mario Kart? (Archived)srsgamer8766/11/2013
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