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Why are so many people hell-bent on trashing the Wii U? (Archived)
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Nintendo consoles are bad for the games industry. (Archived)devastatorX21011/30/2012
15 overlooked Wii Games to play on Wii U (Archived)squatch22411/30/2012
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If game consoles were women (Archived)
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Light gun games on the Wii U? (Poll)
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Will Nintendo put HD updates of their old games on this system? (Archived)JF_Alpha911/30/2012
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The Wii U has brought me back to console gaming... (Archived)
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Bought a game from the eShop... where is it? (Archived)TheFantasticJoe411/30/2012
It's Official: Scalpers are dead. (Archived)
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How many people finger their gamepad? (Archived)abbeldydoo611/30/2012
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Nintendo Wii U GamePad - more responsive than your TV? (Archived)jmichaelbp211/30/2012
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