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Wii U could run Killzone 4. (Archived)
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Why does this PS4 Image have a Wii U logo on it?? (Archived)xXDa-KidXx72/20/2013
We should wait for a price before saying the Wii U is finished. (Archived)AdamLazaruso72/20/2013
New Demos & Great Savings This Week On Wii U & 3DS eShop (Archived)
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Hey ya'll, touch screens on controllers are stupid! (Archived)
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Do you guys think Reggie is watching the PlayStation Meeting stream as we speak? (Archived)Solnot102/20/2013
Just set up my new Wii U, have a problem already (Archived)Fatalyze72/20/2013
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Any offtopic SONY news needs to go onto the PS boards (Archived)Leetyroneus12/20/2013
PS4 just as powerful as Wii U. Confirmed. (Archived)
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Ok. Let's be honest here in regards to all these PS4/WiiU topics. (Archived)Lord_Kagato62/20/2013
This and the day that the next XBOX gets howcased will be the worst... (Archived)Ccrules279132/20/2013
The WII U-PS4 relation is eerily similar to the Dreamcast-PS2 one (Archived)Arcvalons72/20/2013
One of the wii u's biggest games will not support it's best feature... (Archived)
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This is kind of why I wish The Big 3 were 3rd parties on the same console (Archived)liveman78912/20/2013
Looks like BF4 will be announced in a few minutes (Archived)ivanwind1582/20/2013
Do you think WiiU, PS4, and Xbox 720 will be the last video game consoles? (Archived)
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