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WII U for the WIN!!! (Archived)Jonbazookaboz25/21/2013
Nintendo is NOT taking down LP's. They are enforcing Ads. (Archived)
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After seeing what Xbox One has to offer, do you think the WiiU looks better now? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
The Xbox One looks like the concept art we've seen people making since 2010 (Archived)pikachu659825/21/2013
wiuu plays used games, no extra fees, no online required drm (Archived)zender199975/21/2013
And I thought the Wii U name was stupid. (Archived)CelestialMind75/21/2013
I wonder how much Iwata is laughing at all this. (Archived)
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C'mon Konami/SK please give us HD version of Twin Snakes... (Archived)SpidermanThread15/21/2013
Xbox One must fail (Archived)VanderZoo55/21/2013
So 8th gen= 7th gen? (Archived)Pac1234595/21/2013
Confirmed: Microsoft's game division are just Nintendo employees in disguise (Archived)G1ingy35/21/2013
How long till e3? (Archived)thefabregas2285/21/2013
Would you rather... (Archived)pikachu659825/21/2013
People claimed WII U doesn't sale because (Archived)NeoMonk65/21/2013
This is all I ever hear about Nintendo... (Archived)Bubbabricks35/21/2013
The horrifying Wii U sales collapse GG Nintendo Home Consoles? (Archived)
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Is just me or did they only show... (Archived)NXP12345/21/2013
Just realized something (Archived)Nintendo316T55/21/2013
I guess Nintendo has nothing to worry about. (Archived)
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As a gamer this fall would you rather play ... (Archived)TannerCKG55/21/2013
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