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Ubisoft confirmed the ZombiU demo is coming before December 15th. (Archived)CloudStrife630711/28/2012
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Will Sony and Microsoft copy Nintendo again? (Fixed) (Archived)
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Of all Wii U games, which one currently looks the best graphically? (Archived)AkimboP90911/28/2012
This is likely the cause for the "rainbow blotches" on peep's touch screens (Archived)Gavin_Rozee811/28/2012
So which are the best and worst ports? (Archived)
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Nazo no Murasame Jo sequel. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman411/28/2012
How come everyone hates zelda and mario games, yet loves AAA games like COD? (Archived)sonyfanboy992811/28/2012
A man can dream: WiiU titles you'd like to see. (Archived)
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Wonder when we will start seeing Wii U stuff at Club Nintendo? (Archived)abbeldydoo411/28/2012
I really hope this 'rushed out launch port' madness is just an early fad... (Archived)Devilman_Amon711/28/2012
Jeeze this lack of power problem is like Wii all over again. (Archived)
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For those of you who are hating on the WiiU right now, would you forgive them if (Archived)
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