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What would you like for the Wii U update to come with the most? (Poll)
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The Wii U is a really neat system, but what do you think should be added... (Archived)gamewhooper1811011/21/2012
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Wii U: Gateway to nextgen (or how I learned to stop playing Wii and love xbox) (Archived)ima420r511/21/2012
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Do you leave your tablet charge over night? (Poll)TheRealistKilla311/21/2012
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Game Suggestions: (Archived)SuperSavePoint1111/21/2012
How do I buy virtual console games on the wii u? not seeing in store. (Archived)ghaleon_8686511/21/2012
To the Nintendo Fanboys and Nintendo Trolls of this board: (Archived)
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Anyone trade in NintendoLand yet? (Archived)autoalchemist62911/21/2012
Trying to update Console? (Archived)GillianSeed23311/21/2012
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